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Getting Started Back to top


  1. PHP version 5.6 or greater
  2. MySQL version 5.5 or greater
  3. Post max size > 20MB. If you upload error, please upload via Cpanel or FPT.
Your server needs to be set up with the above requirements to be able to run WordPress.


Our theme is compatible with these browsers:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Internet Explorer 11 or later

How to Install WordPress Back to top

You need to have a WordPress installation on your web-site to use our theme.

Install WordPress

General steps to install WordPress CMS to your site

  1. Download the latest WordPress version from https://wordpress.org/download/
  2. Upload zip file to your web-site root folder and unzip
  3. Create database.
  4. Set up wordpress. Read More

You can read more:
  1. How to install WordPress
  2. First Steps with WordPress
  3. WordPress Optimization

How to Install Theme Back to top

Download the latest theme version

To download, you need to log into your ThemeForest account and go to your http://themeforest.net/downloads page. Locate the theme that you purchased in your Downloads list and click on the Download button

  1. Sign in to your admin panel: < "yourdomain.com">/wp-admin
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New -> Upload theme
  3. Choose < "themename">.zip file
  4. Wait while theme is uploading and click activate
If you can't upload via Wordpress, you can upload it via FTP server.

Upload via FTP Server

You can read more:
  1. How to Install Your ThemeForest WordPress Theme

Import Demo Content Back to top

Required plugins

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a professional Back-End and Front-End page builder plugin for wordpress coming with top-notch features.


CMB2 is a developer’s toolkit for building metaboxes, custom fields, and forms for WordPress.

Redux Framework

Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins.


WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully.

Alura Studio

Use for Alura Framework.

Revolution Slider

Custom for slider.

Install Plugin

You can automatically install all plugins in Appearance -> Install Plugins

  1. Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins
  2. Check all the plugins that you want to activate then on the drop down Bulk Actions, choose Activate and click Apply.

  3. Wait for all the plugin activated then you can start customizing your website as you wish

Import DemoContent

Before install the theme, you need install and active required plugin.

  1. Go to Dummy Content in your admin panel
  2. Check all for Full Import. If the Demo Content import failed. Please check Demo Content and import again

Contact us

Theme Options Panels Back to top

After activating our theme, you can go to Appearance > Theme Options to configure the theme.

General Options

  • Logo/Favicon: Option for Logo/Favicon.
  • Breadcrumb: Show/Hide Page Title, Breadcrumbs. Choose Breadcrumb Layout...etc.
  • Popup: Options for Popup Newletter.

Header Options

  • Choose header layout.
  • Header layout for mobile device.
  • Options: header sticky, top bar, search, mini cart...etc

Styling Options

  • Color Scheme: Color Primary, Background Color...
  • Typography Font-family, Google Font, Font-size, Line-height


Back Image, Hover image Product, Product Label Options and more.

Product Category Options

  • Layout:Layout for Shop page: Left, Right, Left-Right and Full With Layout
  • Color Swatches: Show/Hide color swatches.
  • Grid,List: Show/Hide Grid or List, set default show.
  • Data Setting: Filter, Columns...etc

Product Details Options

  • Layout: Layout for Product Details: Left, Right, Left-Right and Full With Layout
  • Data Setting: Show/Hide Variation Color Swatches,Product Title...etc
  • Product Images: Product Zoom, Lightbox...
  • Product Sticky Bar: Sticky product when Scroll on Product Detail Page
  • Size Chart:Show/Hide Size Chart.
  • Product Tab:Default, Accordion, Vertical Tab and more.
  • Upsell, Related Product:Show/Hide Upsell, Related Products

Blog Options

  • Blog: Options on Blog page
  • Blog Detail: Option on Blog Detail page

Social Button Options

Show Share or Follow on page

Cookie Notice Options

Show Cookie Notice on page

Option for Page Back to top

You can configure your layout, header, page title and others for any particular page.

  1. Layout
  2. Page Layout
  3. Hide Top Bar
  4. Header Layout
  5. Logo
  6. Header Text Color
  7. Primary Menu
  8. Hide page title
  9. Hide breadcrumb
  10. Breadcrumb Layout
  11. Breadcrumb Background Image
  12. Page Slider
  13. Page Slider Position

Style Home Page Back to top

Style Home Page

Title Font: Poppins
Body Font: Poppins
Color Primary: #88c000
Color secondary: #1c1a19
Background Color: #fff
Body Font Size: 14px
Body Font LineHeight: 24px

Style Home 2

Title Font: Open Sans
Body Font: Poppins
Color Primary: #bfd156
Color secondary: #333
Background Color: #fff
Body Font Size: 15px
Body Font LineHeight: 24px

Style Home 3

Title Font: Lora
Body Font: Opens sans
Color Primary: #88c000
Color secondary: #444
Background Color: #fff
Body Font Size: 14px
Body Font LineHeight: 24px

Style Home 4

Title Font: Pacifico
Body Font: Cuprum
Color Primary: #45bf61
Color secondary: #444
Background Color: #fbfbfb
Body Font Size: 15px
Body Font LineHeight: 22px

Style Home 5

Title Font: Playfair Display
Body Font: Raleway
Color Primary: #588502
Color secondary: #414141
Background Color: #fff
Body Font Size: 15px
Body Font LineHeight: 24px

Header Configuration Back to top

The header is probably one of the first things you will want to setup. It includes the logo, favicon, menu and other things. The following sections will explain how to set up and customize header.

You can setup logo/favicon for all page on Theme Option > General > Logo/Favicon.

You can setup Header layout for all page on Theme Option > Header

If you need setup for any particular page. Please go to Page Options.

Footer Configuration Back to top

Create New Footer

You go to Footer Builder > Add New on admin panel.

Then go to Appearance > Widget and Choose Footer for Footer Top, Footer Middle, Footer Bottom.

If you need setup for any particular page. Please go to Page Options.

Create Mega Menu Back to top

In order to create menu you need to go Appearance->Menus and click create a new menu.After that add new items to the menu as you usually do it with wordpress and click "Save"

Mega Menu Options:

  1. Design:
    1. Default: On theme we style default for Dropdown Menu.
    2. Full width: Dropdown Menu will show on full width
    3. Set-Size: You can set width,height for Dropdown Menu.
  2. Columns: Set columns for dropdown menu.
  3. Html Static Block: You can create 1 page then copy shortcode and paste on Html Stactic Block. It will show on dropdown menu.
  4. Badge text: Show badge on menu item Ex: New, Hot...etc
  5. Background Image: Setup Background image for dropdown menu.

Widget Back to top

There are 17 default widget areas you can activate to add your own content and functionality (Appearance > Widgets):

Blog sidebar - Default use for Blog Page.

Blog Detail sidebar - Default use Blog Detail Page.

Product Category sidebar - Default use Shop Page,Category Page.

Product Detail sidebar - Default use Product Detail page.

Product Filters Area Content sidebar - Default use Filter content.

Custom Widget

You can add new widget and use for sidebar on themeoption,page option.

Update the Theme Back to top

Manual Update

Follow the steps below to manually update the theme:

  1. First, you download the new theme package from themeforest. You have to log into your themeforest account and navigate to Downloads tab. You find the Umbala theme in your purchased themes list.
  2. You can delete the current theme. Don't worry about this. Your data won't be lost.
  3. You upload the new theme package via Wordpress or FTP software.

Automatic Update

You update the theme through the Envato Market plugin. Follow the steps below to set up this plugin:

  1. Download and install the Envato Market plugin
  2. You log into your Themeforest account. Under Settings > API Keys, you generate an API key. Get it.
  3. In WordPress admin panel, you find the section called Envato Market. You input your envato username and API key.

Please read this tutorial https://envato.com/market-plugin/ to get more information.

Version Theme Update Back to top

Version 1.1.1


  1. Add new homepage (Home6: Bolero)
  2. Update loading Ajax shop,Filter Ajax Shop.
  3. Update Paganition add(Infinit scrolling,Load More Ajax) Shop.

Theme Option Ajax

View demo: Orgafresh

Version 1.1.2


  1. Compatible WordPress 5 +
  2. Update WooCommerce template file

Version 1.1.3


  1. Compatible WooCommmerce 3.6.4
  2. Update WP Bakery Page Builder 6.0.2.
  3. Update WooCommerce template file
  4. Update cookie template
  5. Update translate .pot file
  6. Add new Per Page Ajax Option
  7. Add custom file mini-cart.php
  8. Add mobile layout
  9. Fix ajax search product
  10. Fix some css
+ Setting - Add new Per Page Ajax Option

+ Setting - Add Mobile Layout

Version 1.2


  1. Add new home 6, 7, 8, 9
  2. Compatible WordPress 5.2.2
  3. Compatible WooCommmerce 3.6.5
  4. Update WP Bakery Page Builder 6.0.3
  5. Fix issue shop page layout.
  6. Fix issue wpml not translate.
  7. Add hover product site option.
  8. Add calo product food
  9. Add Make From product fruits.
  10. Update breadcrumb layout.
  11. Update ajax search full layout.
  12. Add Shortcode Product Box.
  13. Add Shortcode Menu Product
  14. Update option background image.
+ Setting - Calo product food

you needs set calo for each product.

+ Setting - Make From juice

- Note: You need set make from for each product.